Daniel, Antichrist, And The Abomination Of Desolation

Daniel, Antichrist, And The Abomination Of Desolation

In a nearby investigation of Daniel, section 8, is a potential disclosure of the final days yet in our future.

In stanza 9, first we see the fleeting or natural ascent of the “little horn.” It/he develops toward the south, toward the east, and toward Israel, the “superb land.” Two things we learn here about the one who will come. One, there should be a land farther south of him than Israel. Also, two, from where he is toward the start, Israel isn’t “east.” Chapter eleven will recognize him considerably more obviously, and show how he to be sure moved to the bearings here demonstrated.

Then am I saying that he is only a verifiable figure and that this entry has been satisfied? Multiple times, no! Authentic indeed, satisfied , no! Hold on for me until you see the entire vision from Daniel’s perspective! You actually will experience difficulty. That is the reason God wanted to provide Daniel with one more perspective on a similar man according to an alternate point of view in part eleven. There will be no mixing up the character of this man.

What’s more, let me stop here to What is the abomination of desolation remind perusers that we are not discussing a brilliant young fellow named Daniel who invoked a cool tale about the eventual fate of countries. We are discussing an exceptionally old, confounded and overawed man who falls down within the sight of holy messengers and who is being given dreams straightforwardly from Heaven. Allow not skepticism to enter our reasoning here or we will fail to focus on what God is talking about. This Word is from paradise. It is unadulterated in each syllable and should be analyzed cautiously.

Section ten is a defining moment. Peruse it cautiously. This man out of nowhere is having impact in paradise as well as earth. This is no simple human any longer. Something has changed! The “little” ruler has grown up! Grown up to the sky! As a result of him, a portion of Heaven’s militaries are cast to the ground! Maybe they are to a limited extent liable for the natural armed force that encompasses Jerusalem in Luke 21 (or is this military superb as well, in the most obviously terrible sense?).

The plot nauseates. This detestable competitor for the lofty position of Syria and environmental factors is currently battling for an all inclusive privileged position, and the high position of the King of Kings. He needs everything! Gabriel says that. He magnifies himself to the “Ruler” of Heaven.

As the military encompasses Jerusalem in this last confrontation of history, the “horn” orders that day to day forfeits of the Jews be halted. No more need to forfeit to this Jewish God, when a superior one is free, himself. The safe-haven is placed by this ruler, then cast down.

Generally this man has been recognized as Antiochus Epiphanes. In any case, Biblically, up until this point, there is compelling reason need to do that. I say, there is no need up until this point. Part eleven will integrate the authentic man with the future man. However, part eight doesn’t do that besides in one expression. In making sense of who this man is, Gabriel says basically that he emerges (not that he is brought up) in the last long periods of one of the four divisions of Alexander’s Empire. This hint, coupled to the enlightening “out of one of them” express prior in the part ( refrain 9 ) tells us just that the end opportunity despot comes initially from some place in post-Alexander Greece. That is, he was conceived either in Greece, Turkey, The Middle East, or Egypt.