Similarity Breeds Comedy

Similarity Breeds Comedy

My last piece I discussed partner or bringing together contrary energies to deliver entertaining thoughts. Today we partner Comparability or CONGRUITY; by putting something very similar or comparable articles, individual or creatures together to induce giggling.

One fine model is a couple of puppy puns indistinguishable twins or two man wearing a similar garments. They normally show up “odd” or “interesting” to other people. Individuals will gaze, laugh or murmur a few brazen or heartless comments uder their breath. It’s an extremely commonplace reaction.

For visual artists, this relationship of similitude can produce heaps of interesting doodles. They can draw an individual seeming to be a creature or two inconsequential items which are outwardly indistinguishable. The most famous is the nursery hose halfway secret by the foliage and mixed up as a snake.

Exaggeration is a visual fine art that utilizes the procedure of congruity. It doesn’t closely resemble the genuine individual being drawn, yet a twisted or a misrepresented impression of the individual and it looks sort of interesting, right?

Beside visual artistic expression, numerous verbal humor gets from this strategy as well. The clearest type of verbal humor is the plays on words. A quip is a figure of speech, typically funny in view of a few implications of single word, or a closeness of implications between words that are articulated something similar or the different in implications between two words articulated something similar and spelled fairly in much the same way. Following intently is another structure verbal humor, called the risqué statements. It very well may be a word or an articulation having a multifaceted nuance, particularly the subsequent significance is ribald.

Along these lines, likeness breeds disdain, yet satire as well!

A consultant from MALAYSIA who fiddles with both visual and performing craftsmanship. Cartooning, script-composing, acting in television and motion pictures, doing voice, sound and singing impressions under the stage-names: Strange Willy and SFX-Man.