Online Bingo – Types and Variants

Online Bingo – Types and Variants

Generally there are two types of online Bingo games played. First, the 75-ball game which uses a 5×5 match card. This card is normally marked free in the centre. Second, is a 90-ball game. This game uses 9×3 card. The first type of online Bingo is mostly played in North America while the 90-ball game is prominently seen in areas like Europe, South America and Australia.

The 75 ball game has a 5×5 card which consists of 5 rows and 5 columns. Each card has numbers ranging from 1-75. The player has to decide the sequence of the numbers and wait for the caller to start the game. When the caller starts calling the player has to mark the called numbers and see if the sequence matches.

The 90 ball card contains 3 horizontal lines and 9 columns. Each line contains 5 numbers so each card projects 15 numbers. The numbers are arranged in the following fashion:


  • 1st column: 1-10
  • 2nd column: 11-20
  • 3rd column: 21-30 till the final column: 81-90


In this game there are generally three stages played, first horizontal line, two horizontal lines and full house. The horizontal lines can be anywhere in the card. Then a cover -all game for a ‘full house’.

Today the online game owners have a lot to offer to their players in terms of variety. There are inexpensive bingo games which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Then some bingo games along a particular number of cards to be played in order to avoid competition.

Then the system and sequence of cards vary fromĀ UFABET simple vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines to complicated mazes. However, the game remains the same, that is, marking the numbers accordingly. One interesting type of online bingo is the Speed Bingo. This game is just the same as any basic online bingo game the only thing is that the numbers are called faster in this game. The player has to be on high alert while playing this game.

The online Bingo has gained popularity for many reasons and one of the main reasons behind its popularity is its variety. The online bingo halls offer new versions of the game with freshly conceptualized games. Then there is the option to play the easier version called auto-daub. This version helps a newbie to get accustomed with the game and does his work instead. It marks the numbers on behalf of the players. There are other options as “best card sorting’ and ‘best card highlighting’. When the game does the job the player can indulge in socializing.