Frat Party Games – Beer Pong For Wii

Frat Party Games – Beer Pong For Wii

Another game called “Fraternity Party Games: Brew Pong” is being produced for the Nintendo Wii. The silly part about this game, other than it being a lager pong game, is that the game was given a T rating (as in 13 and up) by the Computer game Evaluations Commission.

JV Games VP Jag Jaeger gave an extremely intriguing reaction to the reactions in general, saying that “The game “Lager pong” was never about liquor, yet rather the developing game that has created around Brew pong. There’s even a Worldwide championship 메이저사이트 of Brew Pong that is held in Las Vegas where contenders strive for $50,000 in prize cash.”

“Truly, it’s turning into an all around notable game.” – Jag Jaeger

No doubt… Essentially he’s simply made sense of how this is a notable game for Grown-ups IN VEGAS… So lets market it to kids, right… Likewise, what do you suppose they spend that $50,000 prize cash on? More cups and ping pong balls?

To make matters significantly more entertaining, the Connecticut Principal legal officer Richard Blumenthal who was absolutely shocked, effectively got JV Games to change the situation to “Pong Throw”. Uhh… Why not simply give the game a higher rating, that is all individuals are griping about. We couldn’t care less assuming somebody makes a game called “Brew Pong” or “Sex Examples” for the Wii simply don’t showcase it to an age that it’s clearly not proper for.

Changing the name is all around as senseless as advertising it to teenagers in any case. Alongside changing the name they’ve astutely chosen to eliminate all references to lager in the game and title. Issue tackled! Since we as a whole know 13 – long term olds are only approach to imbecilic to sort out that the game is about lager… Or on the other hand to sort out that it was recently named “Brew Pong”.

Indeed, it’s all really crazy, yet on the in addition to side, on the off chance that you’re north of 21, presently you don’t need to purchase ping pong balls or cups or even a table! Simply get a Wii, the Pong Throw game, some Lager and you’re essentially set forever!