Choosing from the Best Catering Freezers

Choosing from the Best Catering Freezers

Choosing a catering freezer is not a very simple task because there is such extensive range available in the market. There are so many models available on the market so choosing the one which is perfect for the business is not an easy task. It is important to have the right catering freezers because they are important for the food business. The food business depends a lot of the commercial freezers as they are responsible for keeping the food safe and fresh.

There are so many different factors that you need to remember while investing money on the commercial freezers. The quality and shelf life of the food products is dependent on the cold storage that is available to you. The important features to remember are the capacity,Guest Posting size and features like the type of doors, shelves, etc. Determining the type of freezer that you require is vital for buying the best freezer for commercial use. There are upright commercial freezers, chest freezers, walk-in freezers and counter or the under counter freezers. Buying the fridge which fulfills the needs of your place is important because this helps in having an appliance which is cost efficient and affordable.

There is a vast range of the catering freezers in UK available and to make things easier for you, here are some of the best models of upright commercial freezers.

Husky FGN1400-AL SS:

It is a stainless steel catering fridge by Husky, and it is designed to have a high ambient temperature so that it can operate efficiently in the commercial environment. The maximum ambient temperature of the appliance is up to 43 C, or 110 F. it has excellent features like the digital temperature controller and a temperature display, six adjustable shelve and self-closing doors with a smooth edge and handles that are easy to grasp. The dimensions of the freezer are 2000 x 1480 x 830 mm (H x W x D). The appliance has an excellent and gracious capacity of 1300 liters. The doors of the freezer are hinged, and its internal temperature range is -18 C to -22 C. The exterior and the interior of the refrigerator is made up of high 201 food grade stainless steel, and it also features a lock.

Interlevin AF14BT:

It is a commercial upright freezer which is a fully automatic appliance, and this makes it easy to operate. It features fan assisted cooling, a lock, three adjustable shelves per door and castors. Some of the other notable features of the appliance are a digital controller, temperature display, self-closing doors, Replaceable door gaskets, and it only accepts 2/1 gastro norm shelves. The temperature range of the freezer is -18 C to -22 C. the capacity of the appliances is 1400 liters. The external dimensions of the appliance are 2030 x 1420 x 800 mm (H x W x D) while the internal dimensions are 1510 x 1300 x 670 mm (H x W x D). The electricity consumption of the appliance is 16.80 KWH/h and it has an exterior and interior finish of stainlessĀ samsung fridge door shelf replacement steel. The rounded internal corners of the freezer to make it easy to clean the appliance. Maximum ambient temperature of the appliance is 18 C to 43 C. the temperature range of the appliance is -18 C to -22 C. this appliance either uses R404a or R

Atosa 670 MBF8113:

It is a commercial upright freezer with an excellent storage capacity of 670 liters. The outer dimensions of the commercial freezer are Outer Dimensions 2130 x 730 x 845 mm (H x W x D). The ambient temperature of the appliance is 43 C while the humidity percentage of the freezer is 85 %. The inner temperature range of the freezer is -17 C to -22 C., the single door of the freezer, is hinged, and its net weight is 120 kg.

Atosa YBF9242:

The outer dimensions of this commercial freezer are 1 950 x 1800 x 740 mm (H x W x D), and its capacity is 1390 liters. It has three doors, and they are hinged. The ambient temperature of the freezer is 38 C and a temperature range of -22 C to -17 C and 85 % humidity. It features ventilated cooling system and digital temperature control.